Florida Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab & Alcohol Treatment


Awakening Recovery Center – a drug rehab, alcohol IOP rehab & alcohol treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida – provides help for alcoholism and drug addiction while allowing the affected person to live at home.  Awakening is an outpatient drug rehabilitation & alcohol treatment center that provides individualized outpatient and intensive outpatient programs to individuals in and around Jacksonville, Florida.  We offer a variety of addiction treatment programs, including:

  • Alcohol Dependency
  • Drug addiction programs for:
    • Opiate addiction, including
    • Cocaine addiction
    • Methamphetamine (Meth, Crystal Meth) addiction
    • Other drug addictions

Cause-Centered Approach to Drug & Alcohol Rehab

scotchAs one of Florida‘s premier outpatient alcohol & drug treatment centers, Awakening’s addiction treatment team deals with the abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as with the under-lying issues that are the contributing factors to this insidious disease – including dual diagnosis.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a debilitating disease.  We understand how to treat it and, more importantly, how to help you understand and manage your triggers without relying on drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances.

Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program is tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs by treating the person as well as their families. Our substance abuse treatment program is specifically designed to assist people who have struggled with relapse, as well as those seeking treatment for the first time.

Both our drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs take place in a supportive environment that will allow you to begin the journey toward recovery while continuing to work and live at home. We will work with your EAP, SAP or your Human Resource person to help you maintain your occupational livelihood as you work through substance abuse treatment.

Awakening Recovery Center is very aware that recent research has shown that alcoholism and drug addiction is characterized by biochemical imbalances in the brain.  As such, we provide drug rehab, alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment programs to help you deal with these neurobiological disorders and your dependency on mood-altering chemicals that will inevitably destroy life as you know it.

Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs

Our addiction treatment process begins with an in-depth clinical biopsychosocial assessment and the development of an individualized treatment plan. Awakening strongly believes in the benefit of individual counseling sessions and hence provides each person individual sessions weekly.

We combine the techniques of motivation enhancement with cognitive-behavioral therapy to help patients learn to overcome their triggers/cravings (urges), which helps them more effectively overcome their addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Each person in our program is initially provided individual sessions which focus on assisting and motivating them to move through the Stages of Change to develop a new style of living.

Changes in thinking occur better and easier in the absence of intense cravings for drugs and alcohol, which is why, for some patients, craving-reduction medications may be medically indicated and prescribed accordingly.

Rehabilitation Success = Relapse Prevention

Our drug rehab, alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment programs focus on relapse prevention and are based on the most recent evidence-based research data.  Our model has been proven to work for people who have had minimal to no success in past drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment programs and efforts to stop drinking or using opiates and other substances.

There are reasons you are reading this site.

We want you to know you do not have to do this alone.