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Ending the destruction begins
by asking for help.
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Ending the destruction begins
by asking for help.
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About Us

Get Your Life Back With Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The Awakening Recovery Center is committed to helping people change their lives by helping them overcome substance abuse and develop the necessary skills to prevent relapse. Our board-certified addiction medicine physicians are dedicated to your recovery, providing you with a customized plan that meets your specific needs and circumstances.

Leading Patients Toward Recovery and Healing

Leading Patients Toward Recovery and HealingAwakening Recovery Center provides a supportive, real-life program that assists each person in their quest to learn a new way of life, free from the bonds of substance abuse. Our Jacksonville, Florida-based drug and alcohol rehab treatment program is designed to help individuals whose addictions have rendered them unable to stop the substance abuse that is threatening to destroy their family, is placing their job in jeopardy or has created legal problems.

If you’ve encountered such problems due to your drug or alcohol addiction, you can take comfort knowing that we have years of experience working with EAPs, SAPs, and Company HR persons as a part of a team to get the addicted person back on track to be a productive member of society once again.

These are reasons you are visiting this web site. We want you to know you do not have to face your addiction alone. Awakening Recovery Center provides you with a board-certified and accredited medical support team and the reach plan you need to achieve and maintain sobriety. Contact us today to learn more about our approach and how our drug and alcohol recovery program can help you succeed in overcoming substance abuse disorder.

Practical Steps to Managing Addiction for Recovery

Practical Steps to Managing Addiction for RecoveryAwakening Recovery Center understands that substance abuse can be managed by multiple approaches, such as when cravings are reduced, motivation for change is enhanced, techniques to manage cravings and urges are developed, and a healthy lifestyle is maintained through exercise and proper nutrition. At our drug and alcohol recovery center in Jacksonville, Florida, we utilize motivational enhancement and cognitive-based therapy to help each person move through the Stages of Change necessary to begin to develop a new way of living.

A Variety of Therapies and Resources to Help You Find Your Path to Sobriety

A Variety of Therapies and Resources to Help You Find Your Path to SobrietyAt Awakening Recovery Center, we also encourage each person to utilize available 12-step sober support systems such as Alcoholics AnonymousNarcotics AnonymousCelebrate Recovery, or SMART Recovery. There are many tools available today that can give you the recovery support you need, and we want you to take advantage of as many as you can. This will help you develop a safety net to use following treatment.

Our entire rehab program is designed to help the addicted person develop solid relapse prevention skills. We want you to step out of our program and back into your daily life with confidence, knowing you have the tools and support needed to succeed in your sobriety.

In addition to utilizing cognitive therapy to change destructive thinking and to learn to manage life’s problems in a more effective manner, we have board-certified physicians to assess the need for craving-reduction medications.

A Highly Qualified Team of Experts Gives You the Best Chance at Recovery

A Highly Qualified Team of Experts Gives You the Best Chance at RecoveryThe Awakening Recovery Center team, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is made up of board-certified addiction medicine physicians, accredited therapists and chemical abuse counselors who have extensive training and backgrounds in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. We approach substance abuse like the disease it is, using evidence-based methods of therapy and treatment. This continues into aftercare, which gives our patients the best chance of maintaining long-term sobriety.

Ending the Destruction Begins by Asking for Help.

We CAN help you. Call (904) 733-7383 Today.

Awakening Recovery Center is dedicated to helping those with addictions to drugs, alcohol and pain medications reach sobriety and live a life in recovery. Our experts also treat the many co-occurring disorders that are common in those living with addiction.

Awakening’s board-certified physicians, therapists and counselors can help you now. Contact us to schedule a confidential evaluation at our conveniently located Jacksonville, Florida office.

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Awakening Recovery Center Accepts All Major Insurance Coverages

Awakening Recovery Center accepts most private insurance plans for our addiction treatment and recovery programs.
Call us today at (904) 733-7383 to discuss your coverage and other financing options available to qualified applicants.

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Ending the detruction begins
by asking for help.
6100 Greenland Rd., Suite 202
Jacksonville, FL 32258