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Ending the destruction begins
by asking for help.
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Ending the destruction begins
by asking for help.
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Aftercare / Continuing Care

Aftercare and Continuing Care to Support a Life of Sobriety

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Recovery from addiction doesn’t stop when leave the drug rehab. Your commitment to sobriety is a lifelong endeavor. The Aftercare / Continuing Care Program at Awakening Recovery Center in Jacksonville, Florida, provides the outpatient therapy and counseling patients need to maintain their sobriety, long after receiving care in a residential or partial hospitalization treatment.

The Aftercare / Continuing Care Program features group and one-on-one counseling with our highly qualified and experienced addiction medicine physicians, counselors and therapists in our Jacksonville, Florida treatment program. We focus on relapse prevention, anger management and the management of symptoms associated with post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) and other important recovery-related issues. Our recovery center’s Aftercare/Continuing Care Program helps patients strengthen the life and coping skills needed to sustain a recovery-based lifestyle.

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, our team of board-certified addiction specialists can help you stay committed to sober living. Whether you are in your first month of recovery or have just achieved your first decade, the post-treatment resources and services available at Awakening Recovery Center are available to provide support for a life free from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Aftercare Helps Prevent Relapse

Addiction is a chronic condition, and while we always hope for complete remission, staying well requires commitment and perseverance. When treatment ends, the stress of everyday life, family responsibilities and jobs can trigger the urge to use drugs or alcohol.

Awakening Recovery Center of Jacksonville offers aftercare programs that provide the support and structure needed to ease back into everyday life and to maintain long-term abstinence from drinking and drug use.

Patients who have completed treatment receive a discharge plan that outlines steps needed to strengthen recovery. Therapists and counselors assist patients with the discharge plan, which may include:

If clients have transitioned into a sober-living environment, our program monitors progress, attendance and participation in meetings and recovery-oriented activities.

Habits learned in recovery need time to take root and become permanent. Continued commitment and attention are needed to turn those healthy habits into lifelong practices. Aftercare programs provide peer networks to strengthen those skills, explore challenges, celebrate victories and give and receive advice from those walking a similar path.

Aftercare Peer Support Strengthens Recovery

Aftercare Peer Support Strengthens RecoveryBecause of the power of addictive substances such as alcohol, opioids and methamphetamine, relapse after addiction treatment is unfortunately a common occurrence. Regardless of best intentions, emotions, stress, depression or anxiety can cause destructive patterns of thinking or behavior that lead to substance use again.

Aftercare group therapy is proven to be a great step to help prevent a relapse. Groups meet weekly to help patients deal with challenges, cope with stress and explore how to live a healthy and balanced life free of substance dependency.

Research shows that peer support is vital to sustaining recovery. Patients are encouraged to develop bonds with like-minded people who share their commitment to sobriety. Because relapse often goes hand-in-hand with returning to friends and social situations that contradict recovery, developing a new network of sober friends is crucial to lifelong sobriety.

The Aftercare / Continuing Care Program at Awakening Recovery Center through our physician group keeps therapists in contact with patients so any warning signs of relapse are noticed before it occurs.  We have a strong alumni community, so patients are never in this alone. Awakening Recovery Center is committed to providing the support and resources that give patients and former patients the best chance of a lifelong recovery.

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Awakening Recovery Center is dedicated to helping those with addictions to drugs, alcohol and pain medications reach sobriety and live a life in recovery. Our experts also treat the many co-occurring disorders that are common in those living with addiction.

Awakening’s board-certified physicians, therapists and counselors can help you now. Contact us to schedule a confidential evaluation at our conveniently located Jacksonville, Florida office.

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Ending the detruction begins
by asking for help.
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