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Ending the destruction begins
by asking for help.
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Ending the destruction begins
by asking for help.
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Alcohol and Drug Detoxification

Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment Program

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Getting help for drug and alcohol abuse is one of the most important choices you can make for yourself. But, where do you start? The first step to beating substance abuse is finding the courage to admit your problem and seeking help. Detoxification is where the healing process begins.

Awakening Recovery Center rehabilitation center near Jacksonville, Florida, offers a medically supervised detoxification program that gives patients the opportunity to take back control of their lives. Our rehab center’s evidence-based treatment is built on the understanding that alcohol and drug abuse is a chronic disease. Substance abuse treatments are customized to provide the best chance for lifelong recovery from addiction.

Our drug and rehab center offers patients seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse an environment that’s both convenient and comfortable. Our onsite expert addiction medicine team provides ambulatory or outpatient detox services. With close monitoring and access to providers, we use the latest evidence-based medications and holistic approaches to overcome any uncomfortable symptoms associated with detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

Our program includes treatments for alcohol, benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Valium, methamphetamines, cocaine and marijuana. We also commonly treat addictions to opioid prescription pain medications such as Vicodin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, OxyContin, Percocet, Dilaudid and fentanyl, as well as illegally sold opioids like heroin.

Our Expert Team Includes Board-Certified Physicians Specialized in Substance Abuse

Entering into treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is a courageous step. As with any major change in life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure you’re making the right choice. Our substance abuse treatment center is Jacksonville’s premier drug rehab center and has the information and options you need to make an informed decision.

Our expert and multidisciplinary team of board-certified physicians, therapists and chemical dependency counselors create tailored programs for our patients. To determine the optimal detox plan for each individual, treatment will include a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation. Our team of addiction specialists evaluates substance abuse disorders, co-occurring mental health conditions and the patient’s overall physical condition. This includes an assessment of chronic medical conditions, such as back pain or insomnia, that may have contributed to the addiction or have been made worse by substance abuse.

Our outpatient detox program is offered for patients who meet the necessary criteria for outpatient treatment. Patient eligibility is established through clinical assessments, screenings, medical histories and physical examinations.

Detoxification is the first step toward a life free from drug and alcohol abuse. Let the experts at our rehab center near Jacksonville, FL, help you take that first step.

What to Expect From An Outpatient Detox Program

Outpatient Detox Program Lays the Groundwork for Successful SobrietyAmong the many benefits of outpatient detoxification is that patients can continue working and live at home, minimizing disruptions to family life while laying the groundwork for successful sobriety. We encourage family involvement, and with permission, patient family members can be included in assessment, treatment and aftercare planning.

We have found that the vast majority of patients can safely, comfortably and conveniently detox in their own home or in the home of a supportive family member. This treatment is less expensive and less disruptive than inpatient detox facilities or a stand-alone detox facility.

After detox, we strongly encourage patients to continue on in treatment for their substance abuse disorder by entering either Awakening Recovery Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program or Day Treatment / Partial Hospitalization Program. Our team will recommend the appropriate level of care as part of the comprehensive substance abuse evaluation.

We accept most private insurance plans. If needed, financing options are also available to qualified applicants.

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Awakening Recovery Center is dedicated to helping those with addictions to drugs, alcohol and pain medications reach sobriety and live a life in recovery. Our experts also treat the many co-occurring disorders that are common in those living with addiction.

Awakening’s board-certified physicians, therapists and counselors can help you now. Contact us to schedule a confidential evaluation at our conveniently located Jacksonville, Florida office.

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Awakening Recovery Center Accepts All Major Insurance Coverages

Awakening Recovery Center accepts most private insurance plans for our addiction treatment and recovery programs.
Call us today at (904) 733-7383 to discuss your coverage and other financing options available to qualified applicants.

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Ending the detruction begins
by asking for help.
6100 Greenland Rd., Suite 202
Jacksonville, FL 32258